David Attenborough on Instagram

Sir David Attenborough is 94. When he posted this message on Instagram, he broke the world record in the speed of gaining 1 million followers. Now he has over 5.3 million followers. Listen to his message and try to answer simple question: 

Why has he managed to get so many followers so fast?

Please prepare notes so that you can express your answer/view fluently in several sentences in no less than 30  seconds and no more than 1 minute.     

2020 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine 

On October 5, the  2020 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine was announced.

1. Watch the video and answer following simple questions:

  • Who got the Nobel Prize?

  • What did they win the Prize for?

  • Briefly: what did you learn about the laureats? Where are they from? Where did they work and where do they work now?

2. Now go online and research in English, why is the work/discovery of these three men so important? Write the answer and send it to your teacher, please. 

Can Apple Watch 6 Measure Blood-Oxygen Level Accurately

Geoffrey Fowler is trying to find out, if the Apple Watch Series 6 and Fitbit Sense accurately and reliably give blood-oxygen readings. Watch the Washington Post video.  Answer following questions:

1. What is oximeter? How does it work?

2. What is the problem with the Apple Watch and Fitbit Sense sensors?

3. Why is marketing of these devices misleading?

Are you using a smart watch? Are you happy with it? Tell us abut it?

BBC: Why touching is important for humans?

Watch the video and take notes:

Write a brief summary of what you have learned

Do you find the information interesting? If yes: why? If not: why not?