Bill Gates on the COVID-19 Vaccine 

Listen to the interview of Bill Gates by the Economist and answer following question

  1. Are we spending enough money on developing the COVID–19 vaccine?

  2. Which countries are spending enough, which are not?

  3. How much money will be needed to buy the vaccine for the developing world?

  4. What can be realistically achieved in the effort to cover the world population with the vaccine?

  5. Will people want to be vaccinated?

  6. Why is the worst still ahead in the developing world?

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Motivation

Now, Arnold Schwarzenegger is not famous for his intellectual and academic achievements. But before we scoff at the idea of discussing his speech at a college–level course, let us bear in mind that he was elected twice to be the governor of California, the most populous state of the USA. 

​Task: Watch his speech and take notes. Then write a brief summary: what does he say we need in order to succeed?